My name is Marcel Heijmans and I’m an independent Software Engineer since 1998. I graduated from the University of Twente, where I studied Computer Science. Together with my wife Esther and our children Tycho and Lilian, we live close to one of the most beautiful National Parks in the Netherlands.

From a young age I was fascinated by flying amongst other things, but time, money and an obsession in computers and software prevented me to focus on flying.
Here are some attempts I made in the last 30 years to defy gravity (with mixed success).

Now I’ve picked up the gauntlet and I’m going to build a real airplane. The challenge for me as a Software Engineer is the fact that there is no “Undo” function in hardware projects. If you break it, it stays broken. I’m used to Revert to a previous (unbroken) version of my projects. This sounds trivial, but for me it has become second nature. I always jump in head first, knowing that if all fails I can “pull the chute”. This time I actually need to look (think) before I leap.
On this site you can follow my adventure as a Van’s aircraft builder.

Van’s Builder Number: 74668
NVAV member Number: 1084
NVAV Project Number: 375

If you have questions or want to provide feedback, please contact me at

You can find professional information on me at and LinkedIn.