Originally this space, which is now as my workshop, were the stables for the horses. However we sold them years ago and used it as an extra garage for garden equipment.
I cleaned it up and created a crafting table from an old workbench. The tools drawers in the crafting table are part of my wife’s bed when she was a kid (reuse over build over buy).

At the front right I have an old kitchen table I use for dimpling with the DRDT-2 and in the back I created a small paint cabin. On the left there is an extra table with grinding and sawing equipment. Not sure if the setup stays like this, I have to find out what works the best for me. I reused an old Surf mast to guide my pneumatic hose.

In the back of the workshop I’ve created a shelf-like structure that covers the entire width. For now that suffices to store the finished Empennage. When the Wings near completion I have to created a second shelf that can hold both the empennage and the wings. This way I have enough room to start on the fuselage.

Also in the back, I’ve created a fixed spray paint cabin, to prime the aluminum parts. The worksheet is created of the base of a bed placed on top of to trestles. The lattice is perfect for holding primed parts.