Priming & Corrosion

There is a lot of discussion between Van’s builders between priming, not priming or partly priming. Personally I decided to prime the inside of my RV-7. However at the same time I decided to setup a corrosion experiment. I prepared two pieces (parts of the RV Training Project) with four parts of surface. The Primer is 1K Etching Wash Primer.

  1. Unprepared 2024T3 Alclad
  2. Primed 2024T3 Alclad*
  3. Scuffed 2024T3 Alclad
  4. Scuffed and Primed 2024T3 Alclad

* This primed surface is only de-greased, NOT scuffed.

I’ll post regular (probably twice per year) updates on this pieces. Here is the first photo of the test pieces after one month.