Empennage Elevator Attach

Together with my dad, we finished the Empennage kit today, by attaching the Elevators to the Horizontal Stabilizer. The counter balance weight arm of the Elevator does not fit in the Horizontal Stabilizer. Hence we have to trim the Horizontal Stabilizer, until it fits. Before trimming we drill a hole […]

Empennage Rudder attach

Attaching the Rudder to the Vertical Stabilizer starts with inserting the hinges with the right depth into the Rudder. The drawings note the distance, however it is important that all three hinges align, in order to get a smooth moving Rudder. Once the hinges are inserted I can start fitting […]

Vertical Stabilizer Match-Drilling

The vertical stabilizer is much less work (and in my opinion much easier) than the horizontal stabilizer. Which begs the question, “why don’t the plans start with the vertical stabilizer”. Anyway, together with my dad we started with the vertical stabilizer. Fitting and cleco-ing all the pieces together went very […]