Training project

With the Empennage kit, I also ordered the RV Training project. This small sample project consists of two tasks that allow you to get familiar with the documentation style of Van’s, the materials in the kits and your tooling. Turns out following the plans and riveting looks easier on YouTube than it is.

It’s a good thing I ordered this RV Training project, in the first 3 steps task I already drilled a few holes too big, didn’t give the pilot of the countersink bit room and didn’t fasten the countersink ring (which is really bad). Also the flush swivel rivet set is jumping all over. Result: the first part of the RV Training project is FUBAR.
Well it gave me the change to practice rivet drill and test the snips. So I decided to also drill the other side and practice some more with the rivet gun.
I’m a little anxious to start on the second part of the RV Training project, so let’s do some more practicing.


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