Training project finish

My dad came over and also wanted to “train” on the RV Training project. We drilled some rivets out just to hammer them in again. The biggest problem is the last two rivets on each rib at the trailing edge (narrow) side. We tried several methods, in the end just using the squeezer and holding the flanges open is the best way for us.

Rolling-up the front side actually was very easy and went great. Using a broom stick and duct-tape, as advised, gave a good result.
Double flush (back-)riveting is harder. We riveted every other rivet from opposite sides. My hypothesis is that this would increase strength. However looking at the result, on the “real” trailing edges I’ll probably do the double flush on the bottom side and use epoxy resin to cover the ridges.

The RV Training project was very helpful in finding out the things you didn’t know or couldn’t do. I’ve created a separate page with all the things I learned during the whole project.


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