Rudder Back Rivet Stiffeners

In the top of the Rudder there is a counter balance weight, which compensates the weight of the Rudder on the other side of the hinges. On several places in the RV-7 there are counter balance weights. The Rudder counter balance weight is placed in a rib on the top of the Rudder. The counter balance skin has extra rivet holes to attach it firmly to the Rudder skin.

With the 4″ squeezer yoke I was able to reach all rivets.
During the RV Training Project I found that I really like Back-riveting. The reason is that it is fast, the results are great and it minimizes the change of errors. I delayed the back-riveting of the Rudder stiffeners, in order to prime all Rudder parts at once. Now was the time to back-rivet the stiffeners to the Rudder skin.

I finished with the attachment of the counter balance skin to the Rudder skin. Unfortunately I’m out of LP4-3 blind rivets, so I can’t finish attaching the tip rib. I’ll have to do that later.

Time: 4 Hours, Rivets: 268/2


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