Tank Water Test

After a few days of letting the Tank Sealant set, I executed a Water Test. That is the first test to check fluid tightness, while the Baffle is still of, so fixes are easy.

Let’s place the Right Wing Tank in the Cradle and fill it up with the garden hose.

Almost there, you can see the floater of the fuel sender.

Hmmm, just as with the Left Wing Tank, again the gasket is failing at the bolts of the main flange. In the Left Wing Tank I decided to remove the gasket all together, because it didn’t provide access anyway, due to the Flop-Tube.

However on the Right Wing Tank it does provide access to both the Fuel Sender and the Fuel pickup line. I’ll try it a second time, but if it keeps leaking I’ll remove the gasket and use Tank Sealant.

BUT WAIT . . . Oh snap!

There is actually a “real” leak on the outboard rib leading edge. It took some time to surface, but it’s real. This definitely requires some fixing (on the inside).
So let’s remove the water and fix this leak.

Time: 4 Hours, Rivets: 0/0
Time: 6 Hours, Rivets: 10/0

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