Rivet Right Ribs

Riveting the Ribs on the right Wing took me two sessions (of three hours). Just as with the left Wing I started with riveting the Ribs to the main spar (with the rivet gun and the bucking bar). This time I didn’t inserted the Ribs on the inboard side as they are so close to each other that you can’t rivet when they are all there. I figured that out when working on the left wing.

This time however I did rivet the Rear Spar almost in parallel with the Main Spar. Also I used the squeezer, that worked great with the short rivets (smaller than AN470AD3-7) the larger however failed several time.

I’m really pleased with the rivets on the Main Spar this time they were all great so I didn’t need to drill and reset any of them.

The Rear Spar was not so successful, At the inboard side, the thick doublers where harder to rivet with the squeezer. I had to drill and reset seven rivets and in the end I used the rivet gun and the bucking bar.

Here you can see the result of the rivets that I screwed up with the squeezer. Normally the result of the squeezer is better than the rivet gun, but with these thick doubler plates it didn’t work out.

Now both wings are done with the Ribs, next stop is fitting the skins.

Also this week I ordered the Roll Servo bracket, so I can install that in the right Wing, when the skins are still off and installation is easy. Actually installing the servo will be done later (I hope).

Time: 3 Hours, Rivets: 51/2 (2018-05-30)
Time: 3 Hours, Rivets: 69/5 (2018-06-03)


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