Wing Walk Doubler

One of those perfect days. Early morning flight lesson, nice lunch and than of to the workshop for some plane building.
This time it was the wing walk doublers, that is the first part of fitting the skins to the wings.

It took me some time to visualize what had to be done. The drawings didn’t help, so I had to figure it out with five sentences. Where did I left these parts that I have to use to create these doublers. Turns out they are between the sheets of the wing skin. From the text it looked I had to figure out where to position the doubler on the spar. In the end it turned out its displacement was given relative to the skin not the wing.

Here you can see the doubler edge is the same as the skin is. The displacement is 9/16″ from the leading edge. Ok this took me for about an hour, now it’s smooth sailing.

Once everything is positioned, match drilling is easy.

Deburring takes a while since there are a lot of holes in the skins.

I probably have some redundant markings, but I don’t want to run the risk of loosing the orientation of match drilled parts. The left wing was easy after having everything straightened out for the right one.
Yet another glorious day, building my RV.

Time: 3 Hours, Rivets: 0/0


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