Right Leading Edge

To conveniently rivet the top skins to the wings, I decided to mount the main spar higher to the wing stand.However I still need to attach the leading edge (including the tank) to the right wing.

First step is clecoing the leading edge to the main spar of the right wing. Since all the rivet holes have been match drilled earlier by me, that’s an easy job. A problem are the locations where both the skin, main spar and the rib flange come together. These rib flanges are very flexible and are hard to align.

Speaking about rib flanges, I noticed that they also are there UNDER the skin of the tanks. Painful, because I didn’t notice that attaching the tank on the left wing. So that means I have to “unscrew” the tank again to rivet these ribs. Only 8 rivet on each side.

I’m consistent though, because just as on the left wing, I was also eager to attach the tank on the right wing. Knowing I had the rib flanges riveted, I can safely screw the tank, NOT. This time I forgot the rivets of the leading edge rib. You need access through the rib holes to be able to rivet those.

Oh well, next time I can unscrew both tanks again and set these rivets. Probably takes longer to unscrew the tanks than to rivet.
Just as with the left wing, the leading edges really look great and I can’t wait to attach the top skin, because then it will really look like a wing of an airplane.

I still didn’t order the fuselage kit of Van’s. I want to and probably need to do it, to prevent down-time. However I did anticipate a lower (even plummeting) US Dollar, so I could pick up both the fuselage and finish kit cheap. To my surprise the US Dollar actually rose against the Euro. So I’m postponing, but I can’t wait much longer, considering there is a 8 week delay and probably another 2 weeks shipping. Hence if I order now it will still take until the end of February before the kit arrives.
I still have some work on the wing tips and those of the Empennage, however with Dutch winter temperatures, working with resin is probably not very handy.

On Wednesday I clecoed the top skin to the Right wing. Next weekend my dad will help me rivet the right top skin. Many times it is handy when I’ve got some help, with the wing skins it is indispensable.

Time: 4 Hours, Rivets: 195/1 (2018-12-09)
Time: 4 Hours, Rivets: 52/0 (2018-12-12)


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