Damaged (or Not)

When I received the Fuselage kit, the crate was damaged (Inventory).

According to the truck driver the crate was damaged when loading it in his truck.
At close-up there was a pretty big “dent” in the bottom side.

I immediately checked the kit parts close to the hole in the crate, but at that point everything inside seemed OK.

While preparing the parts for the Firewall I found this:

Wow, that really looks bad, so I created an email to Van’s, describing the damaged aluminum angles (stiffeners): F-601N-L, F-601N-R, F-719-L, F-719-R, F-772B-L (2x), F-772B-R (2x).
Before sending the email, I thought let’s check other parts and also: “why didn’t I found this during Inventory” and “These parts were NOT close to that hole”.
Confused as I was I didn’t find other parts that looked damaged. Not sure why, but I checked the drawings for those parts and saw that actually the parts where “bent” on the drawing too.

Turns out these Stiffeners are bent by design, to overlap other stiffeners. Pfffhhieww, let’s not send that email.

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