Seat Bulkhead F-705

I didn’t finish the main Bulkhead yet, the main part is the Wing Spar attach-block, which is anodized Aluminum. There are only a few parts that require priming, so I decided to continue with the next Bulkhead and prime the parts of both in one session. Priming requires some preparation and I’m not doing that for a handful of parts.

On the bottom side of the Bulkhead is quite a massive stiffener rod, that will probably attach the aft part of the Wings. Also the Flap control rod hinges are attached here.

There are no pre-drilled holes is the stiffeners, so extra care must be taken to align the parts.

The seat belt (harness) attach brackets are also connected to the stiffener. These brackets are powder-coated steel and require some trimming to prevent them from interfering with some bottom ribs.
The backrest of the seats are “adjustable”, however I didn’t understand the options so I made the backrest holder too small.

I figured that out when I flow with Erik in his RV-7 to the AOPA/NVAV Fly-In in Seppe. I solved it by trimming the holder just a little bit. It will probably give me some headache in the future when I’m installing the seats. However I was planning to do something completely different with the seats anyway, so no worries there.

The Rudder cables are going through the Bulkheads via a considerable big hole with a bushing. The pre-drilled (tool-hole) is too small to directly use the Unibit. I use the 1/4 inch drill enlarge the hole and then use the Unibit.

I also drilled some extra holes for electrical wiring. As an aside, using an electric drill with a quick release system is great. I just hold the quick release and press the button, so the machine unlocks the drill. Works great for “normal” drills, not so much for Unibits. The Unibit still turns a few rounds, just enough to scrape some skin from your hand. Somehow I only stop bad practices after heavy bleeding. Every time I just nick-it, it doesn’t work as a warning. Well this time it did.
Unfortunately these “teachings” wear off after some time and I repeat the same mistake.
Apparently my drive for efficiency conquers the pain of injury (or I’m just a lazy asshole).

Aha the high note to plane building: deburring. Not only boring, but also brutal for the hands and bad for the back. Although the stool helps a lot.

Time: 4 Hours, Rivets: 0/0 (2019-06-23)
Time: 4 Hours, Rivets: 0/0 (2019-06-26)


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