Fly Away René

It was on a sunny Friday afternoon, when I received a message from Joop (a fellow RV-7 builder) that something horrific happened at Seppe (EHSE).

“René was involved in an accident with formation flying in historic Cub’s. Unfortunately his plane sustained severe damage and he was unable to make an emergency landing or eject and did not survive the crash.”

Down-hearted I left work and while driving home I remembered my last flight together with René from Rotterdam (EHRD) to Seppe (EHSE) in his beautiful RV-7 (PH-VII). It was raining that day and René gave me the opportunity to experience the RV-7 in general and specifically the view from the Tip-Up canopy.

Just a week ago I asked René for some advise on Flap attachment and as usual he replied with some advise on how he solved the issue. I will dearly miss him, but in my mind I’ll remember him as I flew with him.

Thanks René for all the work for NVAV, great advise on aircraft building and being their for me.

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