Rivet Center Section

Just like the fuselage side and bottom skin, riveting the center section (specifically the bottom skin) is a two man job. Today my dad helped me with the center section.

First the seat ribs need to be bolted and riveted ta the aft part of the main bulkhead.

Now the seat ribs can be riveted to the seat bulk head together with the baggage ribs. There is littre room and we nee to use the rivet set with the bend ‘neck’.
Time to turn the center section on its side.

Although quite big, the center section doesn’t weigh much. Since the skin that connects with the wings protrudes, we need to use wood to lift the skin.

We use some clamps to fasten the bulkheads to the table. Now we can start riveting the bottom skin to the ribs.

Both the seat ribs and the baggage ribs are attached to the bottom skin.

Sine it’s not very easy to buck the rivets up side down, we turn over the contraption when all top side rivets are done.

Now we can rivet the rest of both the seat ribs and the baggage ribs.

With the bottom skin riveted we preview the next session, where the floor plates need to be attached to the ribs.

The center section just before priming.

Time: 6 Hours, Rivets:  412/2


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