Assemble Center Section

Up to this point a single table was just fine. Now it looks like I need two. Also with the construction becoming bigger and bigger it is harder to find a suitable way to work on it.

Here I try attaching the bottom skin, while the construction is laying on the seat bulkhead.
This worked fine by the way.

I use wooden package material of the crates to lift the center section from the table, so it is not resting on the cleco’s.

I had to separate the main bulkhead (yet again) to enable to drill the holes through the bulkhead in the ribs.
With the squeezer I rivet the top flange of the main bulkhead to the ribs. Also I had to counter sink these holes to enable flush riveting.

The aft side of the center section consists of the baggage ribs. Notice the nutplates that are already installed on the ribs. Yip that’s wrong, they should be riveted to the rib AND the floor plate. Didn’t figure that out yet.

Fitting the seat floor panels. The outside rib (715) requires extra attention.

Probably by now I’m wondering why there are nutplate rivet holes in these floor panels. After inspecting some drawings I found my error. I hardly ever do something that is not (yet) in the manual. Every time I do it’s WRONG!

The result after two days of working on the center section.

Time: 5 Hours, Rivets:  0/0 (2019-10-02)
Time: 3 Hours, Rivets: 12/0 (2019-10-05)


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