Rudder/Brake Pedals

Although not riveted together, the Tail part of the Fuselage is clecoed to the Center section, including all the auxiliary longerons and forward bulkheads. One of the last tasks (before riveting both parts) is installing the Rudder/Brake pedals.

To actuate the brake cylinder, we need to create Aluminum angles and attach those to the pads. After I cut eight pieces, I found that the second set of pedals includes extra angles. The standard Fuselage kit includes a single set of pedals. If you also want a right side pedal set, you need to order one.

So here are all the parts, eight pads, four cylinder attach plates and sixteen angles.

I use gluing clamps to press the parts together, so there is no space between the parts when drilling.

There are two prefabricated steel rudder-pedal axis, that need to be installed in the forward part of the center section.

With the pedal clecoed to the axis, I can test the motion of the pads.

The Scotch-Brite wheel is perfect to make the Aluminum parts really smooth.

After drilling the holes with a cheap metric drill that is just a tiny bit smaller than the real match drill.

It takes some time to figure out which parts go where. The extra pedal set has bolts of length 4 and 5. This is actually nice, because the left and right side of the pedals require a different length. Strange thing is that the “standard” fuselage kit does NOT have these two lengths.

The left and right pedal have a different alignment with the brake cylinder. I’m not sure what the correct setting is, so I decided I will check the setup of a follow RV-7 builder.

Time: 5 Hours, Rivets: 0/0


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