Dimple Side Skin

After having primed all the skins, auxiliary longerons and bulkheads, I can start dimpling all these parts.

My favorite weapon for dimpling is the DRDT-2. First up are the holes for the stiffeners.

I draw some lines on the inside of the skin of all the places I should NOT dimple. Mainly because the rivets in these holes are not flush.

There are two hole sizes, so in the forward part, where the engine is mounted, we need a bigger dimple die set.

The places I can’t reach with the DRDT-2, I’ll use the squeezer.

With th soldering iron, I melt the blue vinyl and remove it where I need to rivet the skin. I leave the rest on there to prevent scratching the skin.

Clumsy, I forgot to prime four side panels of the inside of the baggage compartment. Extra work.

Dimpling the floor panels of the baggage compartment. Almost ready to build the fuselage up again.

Time: 5 Hours, Rivets: 0/0 (2019-12-08)
Time: 3 Hours, Rivets: 8/0 (2019-12-11)


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