Console options

This is the first center Console design. Notice the throttle lever, which is here the original shape as I bought it. I don’t like the bolt head at the left side of the handle.

The disadvantages of this design is that I need to move the fuel selector position and some pilots claim the pedestal connecting the Console to the Panel minimizes leg room.

This is how it would look if I can ‘extrude’ the fuel selector and mount it in the pedestal.
I’ve also drawn the switches on the Console and Pedestal.

This second design eliminates the moved fuel selector and it keeps the leg room. Of course the Pedestal is gone.

Here’s the side view of the same design. The fuel selector is at it’s original location.
Now check what I did with the Throttle handle.

I created a slit in the handle and tapped thread in it. Then I use a slightly bigger bolt and insert it on the hollow side of the handle. I sawed the bolt, so it is flush with the handle. Took me half a day, but I think it’s worth it.

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