Right Skin Match Drill

After the Wing Walk Doubler, it is now time to match drill the skins (including the Wing Walk Doubler) to the Spar and Ribs. I started with the Right Wing and immediately found a problem. Hole number 18 is not in the Main Spar.

Here’s a zoom on that hole.

It’s not a misalignment, which is what I thought first. But it’s actually a hole missing in the Main Spar. Not sure if it was missing or some asymmetric design, I contacted another NVAV member (Joop), who’s also building an RV-7. Turns out his Main Spar does have this hole. Conclusion something went wrong in the Van’s factory when drilling the main spar. Oh well, with over 500 holes to match drill, I might as well drill this one too.

Nice with the Skins on there and all the Cleco’s inserted. It’s a real tight fit.

Match drilling from the mid-top down and out.

Bottom side of the Wing same thing. Here I’m fitting the access plates at the bottom of the Right Wing. They will need a little trimming, but only a very tiny bit.

Again the outer skin overlaps the inboard one.

Another 500 holes to drill.

And after 4 hours it looks like nothing happend. I guess in the end, you probably assembled and disassembled the plane four times.

Time: 4 Hours, Rivets: 0/0


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