Closing Right Wing

Before closing the bottom skin of the right wing, I found that the Flap brace needed to be countersunk. So we start with that, meanwhile my Dad worked on the piano-hinge of the Flaps, trimming them to the right size.

With the Flap brace countersunk and spit-primed, we started to see how to rivet the bottom skin to the wing. The plans are “clear” work in “L” shape, but it’s not clear which side the “L” should be.

At least I don’t want to bend (over-stress) the skin. First step is riveting the skin to the rear spar across the wing-walk ribs.

Checking the rivets is hard, because there is not much to see. With the flashlight I can check several of them. The rest is feeling if they are consistent.

I had to drill out five of them an reset them properly. The access holes in the bottom skin are really convenient, which makes me wonder how to do this on the outboard skin, which only has one hole and is much wider.

I have to concentrate on the inboard skin for now, because I’m clueless how to do the outboard skin. This one is already hard and it’s the easy one. Now reaching the rear spar through the access hole is hard, but I can just reach it.

Time: 5 Hours, Rivets:  207/5


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